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Hi, and welcome to Long Way to Heaven Art! This is the place where I put up my artworks. I hope you will like them and that you will come back. My art is inspired by TV-shows and movies. I can do wallpapers, icons, signatures, or whatever you come up with if you ask. Tell me which pictures you want on it and if you want any text, tell me what you want me to put on it. And if you got some other wishes about the artpiece you can tell me that too ;) Just send me a mail and I will make it for you.

Please, respect the copyright, do not take things from this site and put it up at some other site telling it is your work. You can save the art to your computer for self-use, but don't tell anyone you've done it. If you see something on this site that belongs to you, please tell me and I will take it of the site.

Thank you for coming here! ♥ Caroline